One-to-one (fast reroute) backup Configuratio To enter edit mode… [edit] user@R1# edit protocols mpls To configure the LSP… [edit protocols mpls] user@R1# set label-switched-path lsp-path-name to address [edit protocols mpls] 
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One-to-one (Fast Reroute) configuration on JuNOS [edit] protocols { mpls { label-switched-path lsp-path-name { fast-reroute; } } } Many-to-one (Facility Backup) Link protection configuration on JuNOS [edit] protocols { rsvp 
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In this article, we will study how to enable CEF, how to enable MPLS and how to configure label protocol ldp on Cisco routers. During this survey we will check 
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MPLS is a packet-forwarding technology which uses labels for data forwarding decisions.Over time, users in networks have increased and this big traffic has brougt high bandwidth and forwarding speed need.The 
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