VPWS Configuration Examples In the previous articles, we have seen Epipe Configuration Examples,  Local Epipe and Distributed Epipe Configurations. Here, we will focus on another VPWS types, Fpipe, Apipe and 
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Distributed Epipe Configuration In the previous Epipe Example, we have talked about “Local Epipe Configuration“. So, we have used only one device and our Epipe service was in this device. 
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Local Epipe Configuration In the previous part we have talked about the VPWS service of Nokia. Now, we will focus on the configuration of the VPWS Service on Nokia devices. 
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What is VPWS? VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) is Point-to-Point Layer 2 MPLS VPN Service of Nokia Service Routers. The other Layer 2 VPN Service is VPLS that is explained 
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