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IPv6 – Part 2 (What does IPv6 bring?)

The new ip protocol, ipv6 protocol comes with some new features beside it. The features that come with IPv6 are:

• Longer address space,
• New security properties,
• Basic header structure,
• Improved QoS,
• Automatic address assignation,
• ICMPv6,
• Mobility,
• Extensibility.

Let’s say something about each of this new coming features with IPv6.

To start with longer address space, we can see that the new ip protocol IPv6 has 128 bits address space. It is very long than the previous ip protocol IPv4.

Secondly, we said that some new specifications about security. These are:

o IPV6 is coming with integrated IPSec,
o There are some additional headers for security,
o It is not allowed to fragment the packet between nodes,
o Easy network monitoring with new header structure.

Thirdly, there is a basic header structure in IPv6. This header is fixed size. There can be also some optional, extension headers for various reasons in IPv6.

The 4th one is improved QoS. The traffic can be defined better in IPv6 and so the priorization can be more efficient.

The 5th one is automatic address assignation. The nodes can get its address without any dhcp server.

Another new property is ICMPv6, Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6.

The last two one is mobility and extensibility. Mobility works without any problem in IPv6. And the extensibility can be done with the help of IPv6 extention headers.

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