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VPLS MAC Learning VPLS is a Leyer 2 VPN technology. Becuase of its Layer 2 nature, “MAC Learning” is very important for VPLS. So, how does VPLS learn MAC Addresses? MAC Learning in VPLS is similar to normal switching MAC Learning. The concept is basic. At the beginning nobody knows the others. So, to send […]


VPLS Topologies VPLS can be defined on One Service Router or on Multiple Service Routers. Basically we can divide VPLS into two here. The first one is VPLS, that is defined on one Service Router of Service Provider, by using router ports only. As Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) translation, this type of VPLS is done only by […]

Traffic Engineering, RSVP-TE Path Manuplation and Constraints

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administrative groups link coloring after cspf

Traffic Engineering, RSVP-TE Path Manuplation and Constraints Traffic Engineering is one of the most important routing lessons. With traffic engineering, as a network engineer you are directing your network traffic according to some constraints. By directing the traffic, you provide efficient usage of resources and become proactive for any congestion and packet drops in your […]


COMPARISON OF TOP FOUR VENDORS’S COMMAND LINE In IP world, there are many vendors. But some of these vendors are very common and widely used. These vendors are Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent (Now Nokia) and Huawei. I have prepared a cheat sheet for comparison of these vendors’s command line. These document is especially for the Service […]

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) – Cisco VPLS Configuration

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Cisco VPLS Configuration Example

Cisco VPLS Configuration In this article we will focus on the VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) configuration on Cisco device . We will use the below VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) topology for our configuration example. Cisco VPLS Configuration Example Topology In this VPLS topology, the devices that we will use are, Cisco Catalyst 6500 […]

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