IES ( Internet Enhanced Services)


Internet Enhanced Services (IES)


IES (Internet Enhanced Services) is an Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service that provide Internet Access to the Customers. Here, from the customer view, IES is a connection point of the customers. In this lesson we will learn the theorical parts, configuration commands and in Nokia IES Configuration Lesson, we will focus on IES Configuration on Nokia Routers.


IES ( Internet Enhanced Services) is a different service than other Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Services like VPWS, VPLS and VPRN. The other services uses Tunnels and they encapsulate the traffic. But IES do not need this. It is basically only a connection to the Internet.


IES is provided by the Service Provider and by doing this Service Provider can control QoS, accountign and billing information related to the customer.


IES services is provided by SAPs (Service Access Point). Different encapsultion types still is used in IES. These are the same encapsulation types we have talked about in the other ALU services articles.

  • Ethernet null , Dot1Q, Q-in-Q


But in IES, a different part from the other services also appears. EIS do not need SDP (Service Distribution Point).


IES can be configured on Access ports. You can give Internet to a Customer with network port but this is not an IES.




When an IES is created, this service is belong to a single Customer. There can be one more IP interface belong to this IES. All of these interfaces are belong to the same Customer. Bt the way, a single customer can also has one more IES.


In an IES Interface, from the customer to the SAP interface, different Routing Protocols like RIP, OSPF, BGP etc. can be used. At the other side, from the Service Provider to the Internet, classical Global Routing is done. So, there is no need for any Tunnels, VPN Encapsulations etc. Only, classical routing is done.


At the router that IES service is defined, some QoS Policies and Filters can be definet through both Ingress and Egress. This is like what we do about policies and filters in other Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Services.




IES Configuration Steps


IES Configuraton on Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service Routers is simpler than the other Service configurations. Here, there are some basic require steps. These steps will be given below one by one:


1-Creating Customer
2-Creating IES with associated Customer ID
3-Configuring IES Interface
4-Configuring SAP Interface
5-Enabling the Service


Now, let’s briefly check the IES Configuration commands.




Creating Customer

Nokia-router>config # customer customer-id create


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