Nokia L2 VPN and L3 VPN Services


Nokia Layer 2/3 VPN Services

In this article we will talk about Nokia VPN Service Types used in Nokia Service Routers. Why Nokia use “Service Router” term for their service routers? This is because, different Nokia VPN Services are given to customers through these routers.


Services that are given with Service Routers can be divided to two group. One is providing “internet connection” to customer. The other group provide L2/L3 Nokia VPN Service Types to customers.


The internet connection is provided with IES (Internet Enhanced Service) throught service routers. The VPN connection is provided under three service. These services are VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service), VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) and VPRN (Virtual Private Routed Network). VPWS and VPLS are L2 VPN service. VPRN is Layer 3 VPN service.


To sum up the services given under Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) service routers, let’s check these services orderly.




IES (Internet Enhanced Service)


It is the layer 3 direct internet access service to the customer that an IP interface is assigned to the customer for internet connectivity. The logical view of IES is below:


Nokia , Logical View of IES
Logical View of IES
Customer do not see these services, they think that they has a internet connection only. The customer view of IES is also below:


Nokia, Customer View of IES
Customer View of IES



VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service)


It is a layer 2 point-to-point service. VPWS has also some sub types like Epipe, Apipe, Fpipe, Cpipe and Ipipe. The logical viev of VPWS is below:


Nokia, Logical View of VPWS
Logical View of VPWS
You can also see this network from customers perspective. From the view of customer, VPWS is like below:

Nokia, Customer View of VPWS
Customer View of VPWS


VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)


It is a layer 2 multipoint-to-multipoint service. From customer perspective VPLS is like connecting sites to the different ports of a switch. The logical view of VPLS is below:


Nokia, Logical View of VPLS
Logical View of VPLS

You can check the customer view of VPLS below.


Nokia, Customer View of VPLS
Customer View of VPLS


VPRN (Virtual Private Routed Network)


It is a layer 3 multipoint-to-multipoint service. From customer perspective VPRN is like connecting sites to the different ports of a router.The logical view of VPRN is below:


Nokia, Logical View of VPRN
Logical View of VPRN

You can see the customer view of VPRN below:


Nokia, Customer View of VPRN
Customer View of VPRN
This article is only, a basic look up to Nokia service types. In the following articles, we will deeply explore the services. Keep on;)


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