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Basic Frame-Relay Configuration with both Inverse-ARP and Frame-Relay Map Command Here, we will talk about two options for configuring Frame-Relay Maps. One is Inverse-ARP and the other is with “frame-relay map” command. To show this in a basic topology, we will use the below topology configured with three Cisco 3600 series routers. Firstly, we will […]

Basic Multipoint Frame Relay Configuration

Posted by gokhankosem on 12 Feb 12 - 4 Comments

Basic Multipoint Frame Relay Configuration Here, in multipoint Frame-Relay configuration, we will use the same Cisco 3600 series routers and a frame relay switch. But here, our configuration will not be point-to-point only. Routers will be connecting to the routers as multipoint. We will start with Frame-Relay Switch again.Create a Frame-Relay Switch and right click […]

Basic Frame Relay Point-to-Point Configuration AS you know Frame-Relay is a well-known WAN technology that generally used for backbone routers. To understand the basic configuration of Frame-Relay, there is a configuration below with three Cisco 3600 Series Router and one Frame-Relay Switch. First of all, we will start with Frame-Relay Switch. On GNS3 create a […]

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