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In this configuration example, we will learn How to Configure Spanning-Tree MST Mode on Cisco switches. BEfore, we have leared what is STP and MST. Now, we will learn Cisco 
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PVST+ Configuration on Packet Tracer   In this Spanning Tree Configuration Example, we will configure STP with STP Mode PVST+. As you know, Per VLAN STP Plus is the STP 
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MST Overview MST (Multiple Spanning Tree) is the version of STP that allows multiple VLANs to a single instance. It is the standard based protocol defined with IEEE 802.1s.You can 
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PVST+ (Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus)   PVST+ (Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus) is a Cisco proprietary STP version. It is also the default STP version for Cisco devices. It is 
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Loop Guard, Uplink Fast, Backbone Fast and UDLD In this lesson, we will learn other STP Convergence Mechanisms; Loop Guard, Uplink Fast, Backbone Fast and UDLD. Now, let’s learn each 
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