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IPv6 Routing Protocols – Part 4 (RIPng)

Posted by gokhankosem on 07 Jun 17 - 0 Comments
RIP IPv6 RIPng topology

RIPng and RIPng Configuration On Cisco IOS RIP for IPv6 : RIPng (RIP Next Generation) RIPng (RIP Next Generation)is the IPv6 available next level protocol of RIPv2. In modern networks, generally RIP is not used and also RIPng. But as a basic protocol, generally RIP is discussed first. Here, we will start the IPv6 Routing […]

IPv6 – Part 4 (Subnetting in IPv6) I think you are familiar with subnetting from IPv4. It was not so diffeccult. But in IPv6 the addresses are very hight, so IPv6 subnettinis a bit diffucult than IPv4 subnetting. I will try to show you IPv6 subnetting with three example.Let’s check these examples and try to […]

IPv6 – Part 3 (Address Types in IPv6) There are three main address types in IPv6. These are: • Unicast Addresses • Multicast Addresses • Anycast Addresses As you can see, in IPv6 there is no broadcast address type. But here,with IPv6, an additional address type, anycast addresses are coming. Here, the unicast address type […]

IPv6 – Part 2 (What does IPv6 bring?) The new ip protocol, ipv6 protocol comes with some new features beside it. The features that come with IPv6 are: • Longer address space, • New security properties, • Basic header structure, • Improved QoS, • Automatic address assignation, • ICMPv6, • Mobility, • Extensibility. Let’s say […]

IPv6 – Part 1 (IPv6 and IPv6 Addresses) IPv4 is most widespread implementation of IP protocol. It has 32 bit adress space, so it allow to use almost 232=4,294,967,296 addresses in internet. Because of the fact that these addresses are almost run out a new version of IP, IPv6 revealed. These IPv4 addresses are run […]

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