Basic BGP Configuration on Nokia 7750 SR


How to COnfigure BGP on Nokia 7750 Service Routers?

In this lesson, we will see How to Configure BGP on Nokia 7750 Service Routers. Here, we will use Nokia 7750 Service Routers. For our Nokia BGP Configuration Example, we will use the below topology.


Let’s start our Nokia BGP Configuration Example.

Firstly we will configure Autonomous System Number on each of the six routers. Out Autonomous System Numbers are 65100 and 65300.

Router A># configure router
Router A#>config>router# autonomous-system 65100
Router A1# configure router
Router A1#>config>router# autonomous-system 65100
Router A2# configure router
Router A2#>config>router# autonomous-system 65100
Router B# configure router
Router B#>config>router# autonomous-system 65300
Router B1# configure router
Router B1#>config>router# autonomous-system 65300
Router B2# configure router
Router B2#>config>router# autonomous-system 65300

Secondly, we will do the configuration for the BGP neighbourship establishment. Here, Router A and Router B will be External neighbours and eBGP will be established between them. We will use the interface addresses for eBGP Neighbourship.

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  • Kyaw Swar / Reply

    Dear Gokhan Kosem,

    I think you forget to configuration iBGP neighbor session between A1 and A2 . Please check it.

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