Remote Service Mirroring Configuration


Remote Service Mirroting is the other Service Mirroring type. As we have talked about before, Remote Service Mirroring is the service mirroring that is done between different devices.

In this lesson, we will configure an example topology for Remote Service Mirroring.

For our example, we will use the below topology:


Think about that, we need to analyze one SAP on the left router. To do this, we will mirror this port to the another port reside on the right router.

Let’s start to configure Remote Service Mirroring.Firstly Router1.

We will start with the Mirror Destination configuration again. We will create Mirror Destination with a Servie ID. Our Service ID is 60 for this configuration. After that we will configure a description for this Mirror Destination. Lastly, we will set the SDP that we will use. Here, we will use SDP 100.

Nokia-Router1>config>mirror# mirror-dest 60 create
Nokia-Router1>config>mirror>mirror-dest# description "Send Traffic to Router2”
Nokia-Router1>config>mirror>mirror-dest# sdp 100

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