With the development of network world, new requirements has appeared in AAA. For this requirements a new protocol was developed as an enhanced version of RADIUS. This protocol is Diameter 
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What is TACACS+? TACACS+ (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System) is a AAA protocol that is developed by Cisco. After a while TACACS+ has became a standard protocol that is supported 
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What is RADIUS? RADIUS (Remote Access Dial-In User Service), RADIUS Protocol is a AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) protocol that is developed by IETF. RADIUS is a standard base AAA Protocol 
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TACACS versus RADIUS Networks need to be protected against any unknown access. In other words, network administrators need to control the users that can access to the network. They need 
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AAA Configuration is done basically in similar ways in different vendor equipments. But for specific vendors, the configuration commands are a little different than the other. Here, we will focus 
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