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IS-IS Packet Types IS-IS Protocol uses L2 encapsulation Ethernet 802.3/802.2. It do not use Ethernet II. Ethernet II is used for IP traffic. IS-IS Protocol exchanges protocol information by using Link-State PDUs (Protocol Data Units). There are four types of PDU packets in IS-IS Protocol. These IS-IS packets are : – IS-IS Hello PDU (IIH) […]

IS-IS Protocol, Address Format

IS-IS Protocol Addresses IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System) Protocol was developed as a OSI network protocol, not TCP/IP. So, normally IS-IS Protocol not uses IP address, but it uses NET (Network Entity Title) addresses. Let’s check this address issue a little. In IS-IS Protocol, NSAP (Network Service Access Point) is used as network layer […]

Basic IS-IS Topology, Level 1, Level 2, Level 1/2 Routers

Routing With IS-IS Protocol IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol is a Link-State routing protocol that is developed by ANSI ISO. It is an open standard and classless Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP). IS-IS Protocol uses Dijkstra SPF (Shortest Path First) algorithm like OSPF, to build the IS-IS Protocol databases and calculate the best path. […]

Link Aggregation on Cisco IOS XR

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Link Aggregation on Cisco IOS XR Link aggregation, LAG, Bundle, EtherChannel, what ever you say, they have the same logic in real. So, the configuration logic of Link Aggregation (LAG) is not different than Ether Channel logic on Cisco devices that run Cisco XR software. Here, again the bundle is created and the ports are […]

BGP Path Attributes – MED

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BGP Path Attributes – MED MED (Multi Exit Discriminator) attribute is the BGP Path attribute which provides information to the external neighbours, about how to come their Autonomous System. This is opposite of Local Preference. Local Preference says to the internal neighbours, “How to Exit AS”. MED says to the external neighbours, “How to Enter […]

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