CDP Configuration on Cisco Packet Tracer

CDP Packet Tracer Example

CDP Configuration with Packet Tracer

As we talked about in the previous article, CDP is Cisco specific. In this article, we will discuss how to configure the CDP in Cisco IOS.

You can DOWNLOAD the Packet Tracer example with .pkt format HERE.

For our example, the below topology is used.

CDP Configuration Topology

CDP Configuration Topology
Above, there is a L2 swith, a L3 switch, a router, an IP Phone and a PC are connected to the central switch.

We will not talk about the configuration of the central switch, but we will talk about the general CDP configuration commands.

To enable CDP globally, use “cdp run” on the router configuration mode.

Switch(config)# cdp run

To enable CDP on a specific interface, use “cdp enable” command on the interface configuration mode.By default CDP is already enabled. You can also disable CDP by using “no cdp enable” command.

Switch(config-if)# cdp enable
Switch(config-if)# no cdp enable

To configure cdp hello time and hold time, you can use the below commands. Time is mentioned as seconds.

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