Link Aggregation Configuration on Nokia Routers


Link Aggregation (LAG) Configuration on Nokia Routers


In the previous article we focus on how to configure Link Aggregation on Cisco and Juniper devices. Here we will see how is this configuration done on Alcatel-Lucent devices. Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router will be our device.


Link Aggregation Example Topology on Alcatel-Lucent SR 7750, JUNOS

Link Aggregation on (Alcatel-Lucent) Nokia Router
The term for Link Aggregation is LAG (Link Aggragation Group) in Alcatel-Lucnet.In Alcatel-Lucent routers also maximum 8 ports can be bundled in a LAG, and up to 64 LAG can be on a chassis.


The ports in a LAG must have the same characteristis, speed, duplex etc.



In this part, let’s start with the configuration of the ports. We have ports 1/1/1 and 1/1/2. We must ensure that these two ports have identical speed and duplex. Let’s starts with RouterA.


A : RouterA # configure port 1/1/1
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet no autonegotiate
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet speed 100
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet duplex full
A : RouterA >config>port# exit
A : RouterA # configure port 1/1/2
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet no autonegotiate
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet speed 100
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet duplex full


Above, the “no autonegotiation” command is used to ensure that autonegotiation is disabled and only a specific speed is advertised.


We must remove the port binding from the interface between RouterA and RouterB. To do this use the below command.

A : RouterA # configure router interface RouterAB no port



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  • ibrahim / / Reply

    Hi Gokhan,
    I am currently working for an ISP company , we have Alcatel ESS1, ESS7 and SR12 on our core/backbone network.
    I would like to learn more about VPLS/MPLS, Epipe, SDP LDP and so on, getting good info on these topics in relation to ALU on the internet is extremely difficult, I have NSR1 and 2 books, but they are very dry and do not cover the area that I would have liked them to cover, they are very generic Internet books
    Do you offer trainings on Alcatel and Juniper, thanks for the info on your website, I have already leant something from it.
    Ibrahim Jama

    • gokhankosem / / Reply

      Hi ibrahim, thank you very much for checking my website. I offer you Alcatel-Lucent more because as you know Alcatel-Lucent is became the second vendor in the IP market. Maybe you have heard about Alcatel-Lucent’s last 7950 XRS, it is fantastic and the number one for now in core routers area. Nowadays I am planning to make a group on facebook and maybe we can communicate there. Is this a real mail address?

  • ibrahim / / Reply

    Hi Gokhankosem
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Yes, ALU is becoming very popular,Its downside is its lack of information on the internet, are there any simulation softwares for ALU, this i feel is where ALU is lagging behind Cisco, because no one in their right mind would want to practise on a live platform.
    I would like to join your facebook group, and yes that is my actual email address.
    Thanks again for putting together this website which i hope will evolve with a lot of contributors as more people with a similar mind set join in

  • francis / / Reply

    Hi Gokhanksen
    I would like to join your facebook. Are you still using. Because now i working at ALU and i want learn more about ALU.

    Thanks any way.

  • I have 2 stm-16 port on my router.
    I want to aggregate these port and use as a sap under a vprn service. how can I go about this

  • Kyaw Swar / / Reply

    Dear Gokhanksen,

    I really thank you for your knowledge sharing. Now I am working in an ISP company in Myanmar. Now i am trying to handle the Nokia-Alcatel product . Now i am learning about Nokia from .

    Thank you

    • gokhankosem / / Reply

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Kyaw :) It is nice to hear that you focus on Nokia products, they are really nice equipments. I hope, ipcisco will help you during your journey ;)

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