MPLS Label Switching


MPLS Technology uses different routers for different roles. There are some common router types that are in these roles. The names of these routers are changing in different vendor naming, but the main role is same. These common routers are given below:

• C (Customer Router) or CE (Customer Edge Router)
• PE (Provider Edge Router or LER (Label Edge Router)
• P (Provier Router) or LSR (Label Switch Router)

C Routers is the routers that is located at the Customer Network. These routers are unaware of MPLS.

PE Routers are the border routers between the Customer Network and the Service Provider MPLS Network. The starting point of MPLS and the finish are these routers.

P Routers are the Service Provider backbone routers. It is the network that the main MPLS Label swaping takes place.


In MPLS Network, for MPLS Label Switching there are some common jobs that is done with different routers. Here, PE and P routers are used for these common jobs. CE Router is in Customer side, so it is unaware of MPLS Label Switching.

Mainly, there are three common jobs for MPLS Label Switching. These are:

• Push
• Swap
• Pop



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