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Cisco’s New Software Development Certifications : DevNet

Cisco has announced its new certification program as “Next Level Certifications”. One of the most important changes in Cisco Certifications with this new program is new Software Developer Certifications, DevNet Certifications. In this article, we will focus on Cisco DevNet Certifications.

With the development of the technology, software applications are everywhere. We can not think network far away from software applications. Both for network automation and network programmability, softwares are used in networkin too much in today’s world. And in the future, this will increase a lot. Because of the approach of these important two areas, network and sofware devlopment, Cisco has launched a new certification path that will cover also Software Developers who will work also in network world. The name of this certification path is “DevNet”.

What are the DevNet Certifications?

As you know, Cisco has three main level certifications as Associate (CCNA), Professional (CCNP) and Expert (CCIE). With Cisco’s Next Level Certifications Program, Cisco will add one more Level between Associate and Professional levels named “Specialist”. In DevNet Certifications, these four levels will be used as below:

  • DevNet Associate
  • DevNet Specialist
  • DevNet Professional
  • DevNet Expert


Now, let’s talk about these DevNet Certification levels detailly.

Cisco DevNet Associate Certification

Cisco DevNet Associate Certification is the entry level certification of Cisco Software Developer Certifications. This certification is for the software developers that has at least one year experience on developing and maintaining applications that are built on Cisco platforms. With DevNet Associate Certification training, you will learn core knowledge about Cisco platforms and Cisco APIs related with software applications and you will start to learn network programmability basics.


To have this entry level Software Developer Certification of Cisco, you should take “Developing Applicaitons Automation and Workflows using Cisco Cote Platforms (DEVASC) Training”. After you are ready, you can take and pass DEVASC 200-901 Exam. After that you will be DevNet Certified!

Cisco DevNet Specialist Certification

Cisco DevNet Specialist Certification is the specialist level certification of Cisco Software Developer Certifications. This DevNet Specialist Certification training teaches you specialized knowledge about  network application development, operations, security etc. on various Cisco platforms and APIs.

In this level, you should choose a speciality area. There are two ways and these ways has different focuses. These are:

Software Specialities:

  • DevOps
  • IoT
  • Webex

Automation Specialities:

  • Collaboration Automation
  • Data Center Automation
  • Enterprise Automation
  • Security Automation
  • Service Provider Automation


In this DevNet Speciality level, you will not have to get these speciality exams. You should only pass one core exam of DevNet. It is the exam 300-901 DEVCOR. And before this exam, you should take “Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs v1.0”.

Cisco DevNet Professional Certification

Cisco DevNet Professional Certification is the professional level certification of Cisco Software Developer Certifications. This level is for the software developers who has at least 3 years experience. In this certification, designing and developing applications on Cisco APIs and Platforms will be learned with  more resilient, robust and secure style.


To have DevNet Professional Certification, you should pass one Core Exam and one Concentration Exam. If you have already pass your Core exam for Cisco DevNet Specialist Certification, you do not need to take it again. Instead, you can select one of the eight Concentration Exams of DevNet and go thought it.

The trainings and the related exams are given below for all these Core and Concentration exams:

  • 300-435 ENAUTO Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions
  • 300-835 CLAUTO Automating and Programming Cisco Collaboration Solutions
  • 300-635 DCAUTO Automating and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions
  • 300-535 SPAUTO Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions
  • 300-735 SAUTO Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions
  • 300-910 DEVOPS Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms
  • 300-915 DEVIOT Developing Solutions using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms
  • 300-920 DEVWBX Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices

Cisco DevNet Expert Certification

Cisco DevNet Expert Certification is the expert level certification of Cisco Software Developer Certifications. This certification is the top level of DevNet Certification Suite. For now, it is not awailable. But in the future, you can also take training and exam of Cisco DevNet Expert Certification.


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