SD-WAN Architecture

Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela SD-WAN) Architecture


In SD-WAN Cisco (formerly SD-WAN Viptela), Cisco SD-WAN Architecture consist of four main SD-WAN Planes. Each of this SD-WAN Planes has specific duty in Cisco SD-WAN Architecture (Formerly Viptela SD-WAN Architecture).

These SD-WAN Planes are given below:

  • Orchestration Plane
  • Management Plane
  • Control Plane
  • Data Plane


Now, let’s check Cisco SD-WAN Architecture planes one by one and learn each of these plane’s responsibility in the SD-WAN Architecture.

SD-WAN Orchestration Plane


SD-WAN Orchestration Plane is responsible for the orchestration of Management Plane and Control  Plane. Basically it is a coordinator.

vBond is the Orchestration Plane part of the SD-WAN Architecture. vBond distributes the  list of the Management Plane component (vManage) and Control Plane components (vSmarts) to the Data Plane devices.


SD-WAN Orchestration Plane is also the first plane for the authentication.

SD-WAN Management Plane


In the Cisco SD-WAN Architecture, the main duty of SD-WAN Management Plane is the central management of the network. With this plane the configuration is done iin a centrallly. The network monitoring is also one of the responsibilities of this Plane.

For Management Plane, vManage NMS is used. vManage is a Network Mangement System of Viptela which is acquired by Cisco. With vManage, network can be managed centrally with the help of a GUI. You can configure, monitor, troubleshoot, maintain, etc. your SD WAN devices over vManage.

SD-WAN Control Plane


SD-WAN Conrol Plane is responsible for the network topology creation and maintenance in SD-WAN Architecture. It decides the traffic destinations. With these decisions, Data Plane forwards the traffic.

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