Default Routes and Floating Static Routes on Alcatel Routers


Default Routes and Floating Static Routes

Default Routes

Default routes are the routes that used by a router when there is no other route is known for a destination address. We can use the below picture. Here if to a destination there is no route on SR 1 then SR 1 will use the next hope that is mentioned as defaul-route. And this will be SR 2 here.

4 - Default Routes and  Floating Static Routes on Alcatel Routers
The basic command that will do it, mentioned below:

A:SR 1 # configure router static-route next-hop

Floating Static Routes

A floating static route is a static route with an administrative distance higher than the routing protocol that is used in the network. And if the route that is learned by routing protocol is lost, then the floating static route apper.

The command is like static route, only with metric parameter addition.

A:SR 1# configure router static-route next-hop metric 20

Here, we assumed that we use OSPF in our network. And internal OSPF route pereference is 10 in Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers. So when we use the floating route with metric 20, if the OSPF route to this destination lost, then our floating static route will be used.

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  • selam / Reply

    sitenizi çok beğendim. çok güzel çalışmalarınız var.
    cisco için sizce hangi dökümanları kullanmalıyım?

    • gokhankosem / Reply

      Merhaba Semih…
      Güzel düşüncelerin için çok teşekkürler. Cisco için, CBT nuggets videoları ı ve KnowledgeNet in web tabanlı eğitimlerini kullanabilirsin…Internetten kolayca bulabilirsin bu dökümanları;)

  • Alex / Reply

    Hi Gokham

    Thanks for that kind of “intro” in Alcatel’s world!

    What about “longest prefix wins” rule? In Cisco & Juniper world the longest prefix takes over no matter what is your AD.
    Is it true for Alcatel as well? Since you did not mention that in your article and when using IGP one would normally advertise a subnet, not a host route so your static /32 route would be preferred unconditionally.

    Thank you.

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