Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2027


In today’s tech world, mobility is very important. Mobile data traffic has increased day by day and now, it is important than fixed data traffic. In the near future, mobile traffic will continue to increase rapidly according to the researches. In this article, we will focus on this increase and we will give some ratios about this increase. In this article, we will mainly give some summary information about Ericsson Global Mobile Data Traffic 2027 Report. So, what are the important details about global data traffic market according to Ericsson Mobility Report?



Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic

Let’s start with the most important part, with monthly mobile data traffic size. According to the researches, global mobile data traffic will reach 282 Exabyte (EB) per month in 2027. This is the traffic if we exclude Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). If we add also FWA, the total mobile data traffic will be 368 Exabyte (EB) per month by the end of 2027.




In 2022, %20 of all mobile data traffic is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). At 2027, %60 of mobile data traffic will pass through 5G networks.


USA and China are two competitors in global mobile data usage. In USA, mobile data traffic 5.6 Exabyte (EB) per month at 2022. In China, mobile data traffic will be 61 Exabyte (EB) at 2026 according to the researches.




On the other hand, Germany will be the most growth country on mobile data traffic in Europe. The growth rate for germany will be %19.7 CAGR. The data traffic of rest of the Europe will reach 3.4 Million TB (3.4 Exabyte) per month.



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5G Ratios on Global Mobile Traffic

5G is the latest technology in mobile world. And many countries have started to use this technology. Even this, the countries that has started to use this technology earlier, has advantages for traffic grow. At 2022, almost %10 of global mobile data traffic is belong to 5G. At 2027, it is expected to be %60.


In North America, 5G penetration will be %90 at 2027. This means that, almost all people in this region will use 5G Technology for mobile data.



Monthly Smartphone Traffic Till 2027

At 2022, the global average monthly traffic usage is 15 GB. This is increasing day by day and it will reach more than 2 or 3 times at 2027 in different regions. The leader will be North America and Western Europe in this filed. Average smartphone monthly traffic will increase 52 GB at 2027.


Today at GCC (Arabic Regions) and India, monthly average smartphone data usage is almost 20 GB. They are the leader of today’s world. But at 2027, North America and Western Europe will pass these regions a little.


The increase in smartphone traffic is related with XR technologies and video applications. We will see this effect more in the future. Ii


You can see the other region ratios below:




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Mobile Audio Services Ratio at 2026

Mobile Audio is one of the other traffic types used in today’s world. The usage od Mobile Audio is also increasing with the development of new technologies.



According to the researches, USA, Canada, JAPAN, China and Europe will reach 2.4 Million Terabytes (2.4 Exabyte) per month at 2026. They will reach this value with %14.5 CAGR (This is yearly increasing value). Certainly, China will be the fastest growing country in this area.




Asia-Pacific region (Australia, India, South Korea etc.) will reach 2 Exabyte (EB) traffic per month at 2026.


Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina etc.) will do this with %19.2 CAGR.



Global Mobile Data Traffic is Increasing

In this post, we have talked about Global Mobile Data Traffic 2027. We have learned some details of Mobile traffic from 2022 to 2027. These datas are taken from Ericsson Global Mobile Data Traffic Report. For more detail, you can check the full report.

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