IPv6 Routing Protocols

ipv4 ipv6 routing protocols transition

IPv6 Routing Protocols

IPv4 and IPv6 Protocol Comparison

Routing is a process that we route packets in a network as static or dynamic. Static routing is done manually and dynamic routing is done with the help of Routing Protocols. These routing protocols are RIP, EIGRP,OSPF,ISIS and BGP.

We use Routed Protocols liSke IP with Routing Protocols. For many years, IPv4 is used with routing protocls. But with the expand of IP world, some enhancements are needed. So, a new version of IP has developed. This new IP version caused the development of the new versions of Routing Protocols. This IPv6 cabaple Routing Protocols will be covered in this article.

Firstly, let’s remember the routing protocols used with IPv4.

RIPv2 (Routing Information Protocol)
EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
OSPFv2 (Open Shortest Path First version 2)
ISIS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System)
BGPv4 (Border Gateway Protocol version 4).

Here, we give the recent routing protocols, so we did no t add EGP, IGRP etc.

As we mentioned above, for IPv6 support, newer versions of Routing Protocols introduced. What are the newer versions of this protocols? These IPv6 cabaple Routing Protocols are:

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    […] Differences: • For IPv6 addresses, • OSPFv3 run per-link, not per-subnet, • Authentication method changes(with AH and ESP with IPv6), • Packet formation and LSA’s header format changes, • OSPFv 3 has 9 LSA types, two of them is new( Link LSA, Intra-Area Prefix LSA), • Separation of IP addressing from the calculation of the SPF tree, • All OSPFv3 adjacencies are formed using link-local addresses, • Removal of addressing semantics, • Addition of Flooding scope, • Explicit support for multiple instances per link, • Improved handling for unknown LSAs, • Manual router-id configuration need. IPv6 Routing Protocols – Part 1 […]

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    I have problem ping between two routers olive junos VMware with inet6? please help !!!

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