MVRP Configuration on Cisco


In this configuration example, we will focus on how to configure MVRP on Cisco switches. Here, we will use Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches. For our MVRP configuration example, we will use the below topology.


Let’s start our MVRP configuration.

Table of Contents

Switch A Configuration

We will start with Switch A configuration.

First of all we will enable MVRP globally with “mvrp global” command under the global context. After that we will enable GVRP under the interfaces with “mvrp” command.

SwitchA> enable
SwitchA# configure terminal
SwitchA(config)# mvrp global
SwitchA(config)# interface FastEthernet 1/1
SwitchA(config-if)# mvrp

We will set the registration mode of our interfaces.

SwitchA(config)# interface FastEthernet 1/1
SwitchA(config-if)# mvrp registration normal
SwitchA(config-if)# exit

Automatic MAC learning is not enabled by default. To enable Automatic MAC learning, we will use “mvrp mac-learning auto” command.

SwitchA(config)# mvrp mac-learning auto

To dynamically create VLANs, we will configure our router as “transparent”. This is a requirement for dynamic VLAN creation. After setting our router as tranparent, we will use “mvrp vlan create” command and we will enable dynamic VLAN creation.

SwitchA(config)# vtp mode transparent
SwitchA(config)# mvrp vlan create

Now, we will create VLANs and we will assign the ports to these VLANs.

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