Switch Virtual Interfaces


Inter VLAN Routing is also achieved by SVIs (Switch Virtual Intrefaces). Here, we need to have a Multi Layer Switch. Layer 2 switches can also have SVI, but only one.This is the default switch management SVI created for VLAN 1.

For Inter VLAN routing, firstly, we need to use “ip routing” command on the multi layer switch that our VLANs reside. After this command, we can create a Switch Virtual Interface for each VLAN on the switch and we can assign an IP address to this SVI. Then, At the multi layer switch, routing will be done and the communication between these VLANs will be provided.


SVI Operation

For Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) Operation, think about the below figure.

Here, a PC from VLAN 2 will communicate with a PC from VLAN 4. The communication steps for this SVI Operation will be like below:

1. Traffic comes from VLAN 2
2. Traffic reaches to the SVI of VLAN 2
3. Multi Layer Switch routes the traffic
4. Traffic come to the SVI of VLAN 4
5. Traffic reaches VLAN 4

SVI Configuration Steps

Now, let’s talk about the configuration steps of Switch Virtual Interfaces:

1. VLAN creation
2. Switch Virtual Interfaces Creation
3. Enabling IP Routing
4. Verification

Firstly, VLANs are created in the multi layer switch.

Then, Switch Virtual Interfaces are created with the number of VLANs. Under this interface ip address configuration is done and the interface is enabled.

After this configuration, the most important command “ip routing” is used to enable IP Routing on the multi layer switch.

Lastly, verification is done for SVI Configuration.

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