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Routing With RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

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Routing With RIP
(Routing Information Protocol)

RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is a distance vector routing prtocol. It is the basic routing protocol, so RIP is generally used for small networks. For large networks and WAN links it is inefficient.

RIP is used for basic configuration examples to learn routing logic basically. RIP is also not in the Cisco ‘s CCNA exam anymore. So, in this article we will only talk about RIP, basically. It is good to learn something about one more routing protocol.

RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

RIP (Routing Information Protocol) uses hop-count as metric. It counts the hops and the better hop is the closest host. The maximum hop count is 15 hop for RIP.

In RIP network, all the routers send their routing tables to its neighbours every 30 seconds. The routing tables are updated by this.

RIP has three versions:

• RIPv1
• RIPv2
• RIPng

RIPv1 is classless and uses only periodic updates (every 30 seconds). RIPv1 uses broadcasts (over UDP 520 port).

RIPv2 is classfull, support VLSM and has trigggered updates beside periodic updates.RIPv2 uses multicasts. RIPv2 also support authentication.

RIPng is the RIP version for IPv6. RIPng uses UDP 521 port. RIPng does not support authentication. It uses IPSec.

This is a summary of Routing information Protocol (RIP) . In the following article, we will focus on RIP configuration on Cisco Routers. Enjoy! ;)

Routing with RIP – Part 1
Routing with RIP – Part 2 (RIP Configuration With Packet Tracer)

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