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bgp (border gataway protocol) ibgp (internal BGP) ebgp (external BGP)

IBGP and EBGP In the previous post, we have talked about BGP generally. In this post we will handle IBGP and EBGP detailed. IBGP and EBGP IBGP (Internal Border Gateway Protocol) * BGP, which is used in the same Autonomous System. Neihgbourship is established with the peer which is in the same Autonomous System. * […]

Traffic Flow without ECMP, alcatel-lucent service routers, SR 7750

ECMP (Equal Cost Multi Path) If the total IGP cost to a destination are same for two path, these paths are called Equal Cost Multi Path. Normally if there are two path that have same IGP cost, in Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers, lower interface wins and the traffic goes through it. Traffic Flow Without ECMP Think […]

LDP configuration example topology, alcatel-lucent service routers, SR 7750

LDP Configuration on Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers To do an LDP configuration example, we will use the below basic topology. Here, we will configure these two routers to become an LDP peer and establish an LSP session. LDP Configuration Example Topology Configuration on Router A A:RouterA>config>router # interface “to_RouterB” address port 1/1/1 exit interface “system” […]

Label Distribution And Traffic Flow

Label Distribution After LDP session establishment, labels are distributed from the Tail-End router to the Head-End router for each prefix. This process occurs at the opposite direction of the data plane. At the data plane the traffic flow goes form the Head-End to the Tail-End. But label distribution process is done at the opposite direction. […]


VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) VPLS Overview VPLS is a Multipoint-to-Multipoint Layer 2 VPN Service that connects multiple branches of a Customer, in a single logical switched architecture over Service Provider IP/MPLS network. Service Provider IP/MPLS network is our transit network here. Different brances of a customer, pass through this IP/MPLS network and this Layer […]

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