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IPv6 Routing Protocols – Part 4 (RIPng)

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RIP IPv6 RIPng topology

RIPng and RIPng Configuration On Cisco IOS RIP for IPv6 : RIPng (RIP Next Generation) RIPng (RIP Next Generation)is the IPv6 available next level protocol of RIPv2. In modern networks, generally RIP is not used and also RIPng. But as a basic protocol, generally RIP is discussed first. Here, we will start the IPv6 Routing […]


COMPARISON OF TOP FOUR VENDORS’S COMMAND LINE In IP world, there are many vendors. But some of these vendors are very common and widely used. These vendors are Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent (Now Nokia) and Huawei. I have prepared a cheat sheet for comparison of these vendors’s command line. These document is especially for the Service […]

EIGRP Configuration with Packet Tracer

EIGRP Configuration With Packet Tracer ************************************************************ WouLd YoU LiKe To Learn How to Use PAcket TraceR and PracTice CCNA LAbs on PaCKet TrAcEr??? Here is My Courses on UDemY!! CISCO PACKET TRACER HOW TO GUIDE CISCO PACKET TRACER CCNA LABS ADVENTURE 1 CISCO PACKET TRACER CCNA LABS ADVENTURE 2 ************************************************************ EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing […]

EIGRP – Part 4 (Other EIGRP Properties)

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Other EIGRP Properties In EIGRP Operation there are some protocol characteristics that helps you better implementation. These characteristics are mentioned below. Route Summarization By default EIGRP summarizes the classfull addresses. So generally “no auto-summary” command is used to avoid this situation. Router (config) # router eigrp 100 Router (config-router) # no auto-summary Summary routes can […]

EIGRP Packet Types

EIGRP Packet Types EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) uses EIGRP messages to establish and maintain the EIGRP neighbourship. EIGRP uses five packet types for this messages. These packet types are : – Hello, – Query, – Reply, – Update, – ACK. EIGRP Packet Types Let’s check these EIGRP packet’s role in EIGRP Operation. • […]

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