SDN Terminology


SDN Terminology

In this SDN Terminology lesson, we will define the main terms used in SDN (Software-Defined Networking).

SDN : Software-Defined Networking. It is a new SDN network architecture that comprised different network technologies to build a flexible, scalabile, agile and easy manageble networks. SDN does this job by separating control and forwarding planes.

Forwarding Plane : The bottom layer of SDN that is full of physical or virtual forwarding devices. Data Plane.

Control Plane : The middle layer of SDN that includes Network Operating System and SDN Controller.

Application Plane: The top layer of SDN that includes Applications.

Southbound Interface : The interface between the controller and the data plane forwarding devices.

Northbound Interface : The interface between the controller and the application plane.

API : Application Programmable Interface. Provide systems and sowftware interaction.

Forwarding Switch : SDN Forwarding Switch that is used in data plane.

Controller : The central control mechanims of SDN network that controls forwarding plane.

SDN Protocol Terms

NFV : Network Functions Virtualization. Virtualization of the different skilled physical network devices with their virtual counterparts.

Flow : Sequence of packet between the source and the destination.

Flow Rules : Actions set for the flow.

The Flow Table : Tables on the switch that handles the traffic flow.

Open Flow : Southbound Interface API, that provide the communication of SDN Controller and SDN Data Plane devices.









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