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Fpipe, Apipe and Cpipe Configuration In the previous articles, we have seen Epipe Configuration examples. Here, we will focus on another VPWS types, Fpipe, Apipe and Cpipe. Fpipe Configuration Fpipe configuration is similar to Epipe configuration with some differences. These differences are given below: • Configured Service Type is “Fpipe” • SAP encapsulation is SONET […]

distributed-epipe-configuration -k

Distributed Epipe Service Configuration In the previous Epipe Example, we have talked about Local Epipe Configuration. So, we have used only one device and our Epipe service was in this device. Here, we will use two router and we will show the “Distributed Epipe Configuration”. This configuration is widely used VPWS Epipe Service. For Distributed […]

VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) – Local Epipe Configuration

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Epipe Configuration In the previous part we have talked about the VPWS service of Alcatel-Lucent. In this article we will focus on the configuration of the VPWS Service on Alcatel-Lucent devices. As you know, there are types of VPWS. Epipe, Fpipe, Apipe, Cpipe and Ipipe are these types. The most important and widely used is […]

VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) – Overview

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VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) is Point-to-Point Layer 2 VPN Service of Alcatel-Lucent Service Routers. The other Layer 2 VPN Service is VPLS that will be explaine in the following articles. Here, we will focus on VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) . Below, a logical picture is given for VPWS […]

VPRN Data Plane Activities

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VPRN Data Plane Activities VPRN Data Plane is the place that the traffic is sent and received generally. As we mentioned before, CE devices are the devices that are not MPLS capable.They do not know labels. So, they send the data to the PE device as unlabeled. PE router get this packet and add a […]

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