MVRP (Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol)


MVRP (Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol)

MVRP Overview

MVRP (Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol) is the counterpart protocol of Cisco VTP and GVRP (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol). It is the last standard VLAN Registration Protocol, so it has richer properties than the other protocols. MVRP is the IEEE 801.ak standard.


MVRP reduces the VLAN tasks by managing VLAN register, unregister, renaming and other VLAN related issues. The main idea is the same with the other protocols that does the same job. The idea is, configuring VLANs on one switch and distribute it to the other switches.

MVRP is an application of MRP (Multiple Registration Protocol). This is like GVRP and GARP. GVRP is replaced with MVRP and GARP is replaced with MRP. This provide enhanced properties like improved resource usage, bandwidth control etc. MVRP has more efficient PDUs and a very good Protocol Design.

MVRP sends the 4094 VLANs’ state in one PDU. It also support triggered TCNs (Topology Change Notifications) for a specific VLAN. This feature is very important and critic for large Service Providers.

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