IPv4 Static Routing on Juniper


Static Routing on Juniper Routers

Static Routing is the manual route configuration on routers. In JUNOS, static route configuration is done similarly with other Network operating systems.

After “static route” command, the destination network is mentioned and then next-hop ip address is given. This static route definition is done under “routing-options” hierarchy in JUNOS.

For our JUNOS Static Route Example, we will use the below simple topology.


juniper-junos@Kosem> configure 

juniper-junos@Kosem# edit routing-options 

[edit routing-options] 
juniper-junos@Kosem# set static route next-hop 

[edit routing-options] 
juniper-junos@Kosem# show static { route next-hop; } 

[edit routing-options] juniper-junos@Kosem# commit 

commit complete

To show the configured static route:

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