VRRP Configuration on Cisco


How to Configure VRRP on Cisco Switches?

In this VRRP exampleCisco Configuration Example, we will work on Cisco IOS and configure VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) on Cisco Routers.

Configuring VRRP Protocol is like configuring Cisco Proprietary protocol HSRP. There are only small command differences.

For our VRRP Cisco Configuration Example, we will use the below topology:


Now, let’s configure VRRP Protocolon Cisco Routers and learn VRRP better.

IP Address Configuration

The first step of our VRRP Cisco Configuration is the IP address configuration on interfaces.

Switch A (config)# int fa0/1
Switch A (config-if)# no switchport
Switch A (config-if)# ip address
Switch A (config-if)# no shutdown
Switch B (config)# int fa0/1
Switch B (config-if)# no switchport
Switch B (config-if)# ip address
Switch B (config-if)# no shutdown

VRRP Process Creation with Virtual IP

VRRP process is created with the VRRP Group ID and the Virtual IP Address.Here, our VRRP Group ID is 1 and our Virtual IP address is

Switch A (config-if)# vrrp 1 ip
Switch B (config-if)# vrrp 1 ip

VRRP Group Description

Like all descriptions, in VRRP, we can use description to give our VRRP group a memorable description.

Switch A (config-if)# vrrp 1 description Our-vrrp
Switch B (config-if)# vrrp 1 description Our-vrrp

VRRP Priority

For Master/Backup selection, VRRP priorities are configured. To manuplate VRRP selection and determine a Master manually, VRRP Priority values are important. The default one is 100 and the highest one is elected as VRRP Master.

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