JN0-347 or JN0-361

(Juniper Networks Certified

Internet Specialist)

JNCIS (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist) is the second Certification of Juniper on Routing and Switching.

With JNCIS trainning, you learn Routing and Switching on Enterprise Networks, on Service Provider Networks etc. Beside, you gain Advanced Hands On Experience on Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches.

On our JNCIS Course, you can find both JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SP Lessons!

With JNCIS Certification is one step away from you. To get your JNCIS Certification, you need to pass;

• Juniper JN0-347 Exam (JNCIS-ENT)  (If You Choose Enterprise Routing and Switching Path)

• Juniper JN0-361 Exam (JNCIS-SP) (If You Choose Service Provider Path)

To Pass JNCIS-ENT or JNCIS-SP Exams at the First Attempt and Not To Lose Time , You Can Take Our JNCIS Course!

What Will You Learn in JNCIS Course ?

  • Network Basics
  • IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • RIP Overview
  • OSPF Overview
  • ISIS Overview
  • BGP Overview
  • MPLS
  • LDP
  • Switching Fundamentals
  • VLANs
  • Tunnels
  • High Availability
  • Network Management
  • Firewall Filters
VLAN Port Types
DTP, ISL and 802.1Q
VLAN Configuration on Juniper
MVRP Overview
MVRP Configuration on Juniper
Inter VLAN Routing
Inter VLAN Configuration (Router on Stick)
Inter VLAN Configuration (SVI)
STP Operation
STP Configuration on Juniper
RSTP Configuration on Juniper
MSTP Configuration on Juniper
VSTP Configuration on Juniper
RIPv2 Configuration
RIPng Configuration
Link Aggregation (LAG)
LAG Configuration on Juniper
VRRP Overview
VRRP Configuration  on Juniper
BFD Overview
BFD Operation
BFD Configuration on Juniper
MPLS Basics
Basic MPLS Configuration on Juniper
LDP Overview
LDP Configuration on Juniper
RSVP-TE Overview
RSVP-TE Configuration on Juniper

Last Three Lessons of JNCIS

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