OSPFv3 (Open Shortest Path First Version 3)


OSPFv3 (Open Shortest Path First Version 3)

OSPFv3 is a new version of OSPFv2 protocol that is developed for IPv6. The previous version, OSPFv4 was only used for IPv4. With the IPv6 revolution, routing protocols have also changed and new versions of routing protocols developed. OSPFv3 is one of the routing protocols developed for IPv6.

Mainly OSPFv3 is similar to the previous version of OSPF, OSPFv2. But in details, there are some differences in OSPFv2. Here, we will talk about OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 together by doing a comparison between these protocols also.

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Similarities of OSPFv3 and OSPFv2

As you know OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 are the two versions of OSPF protocol. So, they have some common characteristic. Here firstly, we will talk about the Similarities of these two protocol versions.

Here are the similarities of OSPFv3 and OSPFv2:

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 are both use SPF algorithm for Route Calculation.

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 are both support Hierachical Areas.

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 have similar Neighbour Discovery and Adjacency mechanism.

• DR/ BDR Election exist in both OSPFv3 and OSPFv2.

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 support different Interface Types like “P2P”, “P2M”, “Broadcast”, “NBMA”, “Virtual”.

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 have 5 Packet Types like “Hello”,”DD”, “LSA”, “LSU”, “LSAck”.

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 have almost Identical LSA Types (7 LSA types are same).

• OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 support LSA Flooding and Aging.

Basically OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 are same, especially for main characteristics. With OPSFv6, only some extensions are coming. Let’s talk about these enhncements by checking the difference of these two protocols.

Differences of OSPFv3 and OSPFv2

After similarities, lets talk about the differences of these two OSPF version.


OSPFv3 Supports IPv6

OSPFv3 is the OSPF version that supports IPv6. OSPFv3 advertises IPv6 routes. The previous version of OSPF, OSPFv2 is advertise IPv4 only.

OSPFv3 runs on Links Instead Networks

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