OSPF Other Key Properties


Other OSPF Key Points

In htis article, we will talked about the remainning main lessons of OSPF. These small but important lessons are :

• OSPF Router ID
• OSPF Virtual Links
• OSPF Authentication
• OSPF Timers

Let’s talk about these parts and finish the OSPF lesson.

OSPF Router ID

Router ID is an important term for OSPF Operations. Every router has to have a unique Router ID in the OSPF Topology. So, generally Router ID is manually configured on all OSPF Routers. If this is not done, the highest router interface IP address is selected as Router ID.

OSPF Virtual Links

Virtual Links are used for connecting areas to the Backbone Area, that is not directly connected to the Backbone Area. For this job, there is one Transit Area that helps to connect the area to Backbone Area. Both end of the Transit Area is configured with Virtual Links. And this Area that will ne connect by Virtual Links, can not be a Stub Area.


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