Hierachical-VPLS (H-VPLS) Quiz

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  1. Which access layer mechanisms are used for h-VPLS?3
  2. Which ones are the additional devices used with h-VPLS?3
  3. In h-VPLS, the customer traffic is meet on the u-PE device.2
  4. Which ones are advantages of h-VPLS?3
  5. In h-VPLS, the disadvantage of normal VPLS is bypassed with the usage of additional edge points called …..2
  6. By using two different Edge Devices, H-VPLS provide less overhead in ….. devices.2
  7. The main disadvantages of h-VPLS are …. and ….3
  8. H-VPLS (Hierarchical VPLS) is the more scalable version of VPLS.2
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