Nokia Routers and Multi Layer Switches


Nokia Routers and Multi Layer Switches

Nokia (Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) has a very competitive and reliable network devices like its top rival vendors,Cisco, Juniper and Huawei. Especially Nokia Routers and Multi Layer Switches are high capacity and widely used network equipments in many Service Provider Networks. In this lesson, we will focus on these widely used high capacity IP Network equipments of Nokia.



So, what are these Nokia Routers and Multi Layer Switches? These are:


We will talk about these devices one by one detaily but, firstly let’s define some main components used in Nokia ( Formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service Routers and Switches. You can also see the location of these components on Nokia Service Routers below. If you would like to learn Basic Nokia Service Router Configuration, you can view related lesson.


If you would like to test your NRS I Knowledge, you can do this on Nokia NRS I Question Page.





IOM : Input/Output Module . Input/Output Cards that has MDAs on it. They are hot-swappable modules.


MDA : Media Dependent Adapters (MDAs). MDAs provide one or more physical interfaces, such as Ethernet, ATM. They pass incoming frames to IOMs.


SF/CPM : Switch Fabric/Control Processor Module. Management Cards. There are two switch fabric options, 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s full-duplex throughput.


SFP Interfaces : SFPs transceivers, small optical modules.


Compact Flash: Flashes on each control/switch processor. There are three flashes (CF1,CF2 and CF3) on each module. The primary files stored in CF3.



Now, let’s talk about Nokia‘s excellent high capacity devices one by one. As you can see below, there are various types of these network devices. In the next articles, we will focus on them, detailly.





If you would like to test your NRS I Knowledge, you can do this on Nokia NRS I Question Page.


In this lesson, we have talked about Nokia Extensible Routing System, Nokia Service Routers and Ethernet Service Switch generally. You can also check Nokia 7750 Service Router lesson to learn more details about Nokia routers.




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