LAG Configuration on Nokia Routers


LAG Configuration on Nokia Routers

In the previous article we focus on how to configure link aggregation on Cisco and Juniper devices. Here we will see how is this configuration done on Nokia devices. Nokia 7750 Service Router will be our device.

Link Aggregation Example Topology on Nokia SR 7750, JUNOS

Link Aggregation on Nokia Devices

The term for Link Aggreagtion is LAG(Link Aggragation Group) in Nokia. In Nokia routers also maximum 8 ports can be bundled in a LAG, and up to 64 LAG can be on a chassis.

The ports in a LAG must have the same characteristis, speed, duplex etc.

In this part, let’s start with the configuration of the ports. We have ports 1/1/1 and 1/1/2. We must ensure that these two ports have identical speed and duplex. Let’s starts with RouterA.

A : RouterA # configure port 1/1/1 
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet no autonegotiate
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet speed 100
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet duplex full
A : RouterA >config>port# exit
A : RouterA # configure port 1/1/2 
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet no autonegotiate 
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet speed 100
A : RouterA >config>port# ethernet duplex full

Above, the “no autonegotiation” command is used to ensure that autonegotiation is disabled and only a specific speed is advertised.

We must remove the port binding from the interface between RouterA and RouterB. To do this use the below command.

A : RouterA # configure  router  interface RouterAB  no  port

Next, we configure the LAG and associate the ports with this LAG.

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