Basic Nokia Router Configuration


Basic Nokia Service Router Configuration

Command Line Interface (CLI) is the interface that we can configure, manage and maintenance router operations manually. Each Network Engineer works with Command Line Interface (CLI) in daily configuration activities.


So, how can we access CLI of Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7450 ESS devices. We can access to the CLI of an Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7450 ESS with three way. These are:

In-band Ports (access ports on MDAs)
Console Port (DB-9 Serial Port)
CPM Ethernet Port (Management Port)

By the way, for the serial connection the default setting are like below:

Baud Rate: 115 200
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

Before using Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7450 ESS devices, soma bc management configurations must be done on Nokia 7750 SR and Nokia 7450 ESS devices. Now, let’s talk about these basic management configurations.

Bof Configuration

Firstly, we will enter the “bof config” with “bof” command. Then we will configure the primary address of the router. This is for this example. Then, we will set the speed value.

ABC# bof 
ABC >bof# address primary 
ABC >bof# speed 100 ABC 

After that, we can set the location of primary-image file and primary-config file. Image file is the software image and the config file is the configuration of our device.

ABC >bof# primary-image cf3:/TIMOS.2.5.R1 
ABC >bof# primary-config cf3:/srnrsi.cfg
ABC >bof# save

Lastly we saved the configuration. The save command is “bof safe”, not normal save. Because we are also under bof, it is enough to say save only.

We can show the bof file content with “show bof” command.

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