Huawei AAA Configuration


AAA Configuration is done basically in similar ways in different vendor equipments. But for specific vendors, the configuration commands are a little different than the other. Here, we will focus on Huawei Routers and we will configure AAA on a Huawei Router. We will learn How to Configure AAA on Huawei.

Let’s start to learn How to Configure AAA on Huawei.


You can download this configuration on Huawei eNSP Labs Page.


We will start our configuration, with the command “aaa”. With this command we will enter to the aaa context and we will start to configure a user in aaa concept. Here, our user name will be gokhan and the password for gokhan will be 1234.

< Huawei-Router > system-view
[Huawei-Router] aaa
[Huawei-Router-aaa] local-user gokhan password cipher 1234 pwd


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