Huawei Static Routing and Load Balancing


Huawei Static Routing

Static Route is a manual simple route configuration. In Huawei Routers, Static Routing is similar to the other platforms.

The concept is simple:

• Write “ip static route
• Add “the Destination IP and Subnet Mask
• Add “the Gateway

Huawei Static Route Configuration Example

Here, we will show Huawei Static Route Configuration on the below topology.


As you can see, we have two routers and two different networks that the other end router do not know. So, with Static Route Configuration, we will show “how to reach that far network” to each router.
We will configure firstly Router 1 and then Router 2.

On Router 1, we will do one of the below Huawei Static Routing Configurations. These three configuration is same. It is up to your configuration behaviour.

[Huawei-Router1] ip route-static


[Huawei-Router1] ip route-static  GigabitEthernet 1/1/1


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