HDLC Configuration on Huawei


HDLC Configuration on Huawei

In this lesson, we will talk about HDLC configuration on Huawei Routers. For our HDLC Configuration example, we will use the below basic topology:


Orderly, we will do the below configuration for our HDLC Configuration Example:

1) Enabling HDLC
2) Verifying HDLC

Let’s start to configure HDLC for this topology.

Enabling HDLC

In this basic HDLC Configuration Example, firstly we will configure the serial interfaces to use HDLC. After that, we will assign the ip address of this interface with its subnet mask. We will do this configuration on Router 1 firstly.

[Huawei-Router-1] interface Serial 0/0/0
[Huawei-Router-1-Serial0/0/0] link-protocol-hdlc
Warning : The encapsulation protocol of the link will be changed
Continue? [Y/N] : y
[Huawei-Router-1-Serial0/0/0] ip address 30
[Huawei-Router-1-Serial0/0/0] quit

Now, let’s configure Router 2 like above.

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