IPSec VPN Overview


IPSec VPN Overview

IPSec VPN provides a Private and Secure IP communication over a Public Network Infrastructure. With this technology, different sites or users in different geographical areas can communicate over a network and this provides a very good resource utilization.

IPSec provide data confidentiality and integrity with its Security mechanisms.What are these mechanisms? Mainly these security mechanism are :

• Authentication
• Integrity Check
• Encryption

IPSec Protocols

There are two main IPSec Protocols. These protocols are :

• AH (Authentication Header)
• ESP (Encapsulation Security Protocol)

AH (Authentication Header) is the first protocol of IPSec. It provides mainly source Authentication and data integrity. With this mechanims, various attacks are removed. It provides strong hashing algoritms to provide data integrity. But there is no encryption and no data confidentiality mechanims. This is provided by ESP (Encapsulation Security Protocol) .

Authentication can be done through different mechanims. These mechanims are :

• MD5
• SHA-1
• SHA-2

Each of these authentication mechanims has a specific algorithm to achieve data integrity and authentication.
AH (Authentication Header) can be used alone or with ESP (Encapsulation Security Protocol).

You can find the AH Packet below.

ESP (Encapsulation Security Protocol) is the second and more strong protocol. It provides all the offers of AH, beside ESP provides data confidentiality. ESP uses different encyptipn algorithms. These are :

• 3DES

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