DHCP Configuration On Huawei Routers


Huawei DHCP Configuration

In this DHCP example we will configure a Huawei Router as a DHCP Server. After the configuration, a host device, here a PC, will receive its IP information from DHCP Server Huawei Router.

For our DHCP configuration example, we will use the topology below:


Let’s firstly talk about the DHCP Confiugration steps on the Huawei Router. We will do the below steps one by one:

1.Enabling DHCP
2.DHCP IP Pool Configuration
3.DNS Configuration
4.Interface DHCP Configuration
5.DHCP Verification
6.DHCP Client Configuration

Enabling DHCP

By default, DHCP is not enabled on Huawei Routers. So, the first step of configuring a Huawei Router as DHCP Server is enabling DHCP on the router.

[Huawei-Router] dhcp enable

DHCP IP Pool Configuration

Here, we will configure the IP Pool on Huawei Router. Our IP allocations will be done from this IP Pool.

Two different IP Pool can be defined :

• Interface Pool
• Global Pool

In Global IP Pool configuration, firstly, we will configure the IP Pool range. After this we will configure a gateway address. This gateway address is the address of Huawei Router for local network devices. Lastly, we will give a lease time. This lease time is the time limit that DHCP Client can use this IP address.

[Huawei-Router] ip pool OurPool
[Huawei-Router-ip-pool-OurPool] network mask 24
[Huawei-Router-ip-pool-OurPool] gateway-list
[Huawei-Router-ip-pool-OurPool] lease day 2 day hour 18

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Huawei DHCP Configuration

DHCP DNS Configuration

DNS information is also provided from the DHCP Server. To get this information from DHCP Server, we will configure Huawei Router, with DNS commands.

Here, firstly, we will configure the DNS IP address and then we will exclude this address from the IP Pool.

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