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We can define “EIGRP for IPv6” as the enhancements to EIGRP that is done for IPv6 support. Basically, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is the same protocol but it has some additional properties at this time. And these additional properties provides IPv6 availability. In other words, we can use IPv6 addresses with EIGRP with this new version. In this lesson, we will focus on the key characteristic of this IPv6 Routing Protocol.



Differences of EIGRP and EIGRP for IPv6

EIGRP and New EIGRP are configured separately. Because they have some different parts even if they are the same protocol ’s different versions.

So, wWhat are these configuration differences? Here, we will check each of these configuration differences of these two versions. Then, let’s chek each of them one by one.



EIGRP for IPv6 Runs on Links Instead Networks


In Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, networks are added to the EIGRP process. But with EIGRP for IPv6, interfaces are added to the EIGRP process. In other words there is no “network” command in  EIGRP. Instead a per-interface based association is done.


Being under the same subnet is not important in EIGRP neighbourship. Even if they are in different subnets, a neighbourship can be established between these nodes.


For Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol neighbourship, link-local addresses are used. In all the tables of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, you see the link-local IPv6 address.



EIGRP Commands Evolve


The configuration commands are also changing with the new enhanced version of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. Here, IPv6 commands are coming for both EIGRP configuration and verification.


So, for the global IPv6 enable, we use “IPv6 unicast-routing” command. This is required to enable IPv6 addresses globally.


To start the process, we use “ipv6 router eigrp process-name” command. In the below example, our process name is ABC. After that, we use “no shutdown” command to open the process. And then, we add the Router ID as IPv4 format. Here is important. The Router ID is still in IPv4 format.


Under the interfaces, we enter “ipv6 eigrp process-name” command to add that interface under EIGRP process. Below, we added serial X/X/X under EIGRP process.




You can also test your IPv6 Knowledge on IPv6 Questions Page.


Multicass Address of EIGRP


Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol uses multicast address of In the new version, this is also changed to its IPv6 version. IPv6 EIGRP uses IPv6 version of this address. This address is FF02:0:0:0:0:0:0:A (FF02::A) .



Other Differences for EIGRP


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