LACP Configuration on Cisco IOS


We have learned LACP and Link Aggregation before detailly and in this article we will focus LACP Cisco Configuration. We will make a link aggregation protocol with two ports in one bundle. You can use more port up to 8 ports in Cisco devices.


Link aggregation Example Topology on Cisco
Link Aggregation on Cisco Devices
In our LACP Cisco Configuration example, we will use the G1/0/0 and the G2/0/0 ports to configure link aggregation. The basic configuration steps are below.



On RouterA

RouterA> enable
RouterA# configure terminal
RouterA (config)# interface port-channel 1
RouterA (config-if)# lacp max-bundle 2
RouterA (config-if)# ip address
RouterA (config-if)# interface g1/0/0
RouterA (config-if)# no ip address
RouterA (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode active
RouterA (config-if)# exit
RouterA (config)# interface g2/0/0
RouterA (config-if)# no ip address
RouterA (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode active
RouterA (config-if)# end





On RouterB

RouterB > enable
RouterB # configure terminal
RouterB (config)# interface port-channel 1
RouterB (config-if)# lacp max-bundle 2
RouterB (config-if)# ip address
RouterB (config-if)# interface g1/0/0
RouterB (config-if)# no ip address
RouterB (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode passive
RouterB (config-if)# exit
RouterB (config)# interface g2/0/0
RouterB (config-if)# no ip address
RouterB (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode passive
RouterB (config-if)# end




Beside the basic steps, we can also configure a different parameter used with LACP in this LACP Cisco Configuration example. This parameter is LACP interface priority. When there are more member interfaces than the maximum allowed interface, master switch uses LACP interface priority to choose which member interfaces are Activein a port channel. Here, a port with a lower priority number is preferred.



Here we do it for only RouterA, you can also use this command on the other end.


RouterA > enable
RouterA # configure terminal
RouterA (config)# lacp system-priority 11111
RouterA (config)# interface g1/0/0
RouterA (config-if)# lacp port-priority 100
RouterA (config-if)# exit
RouterA (config)# interface g2/0/0
RouterA (config-if)# lacp port-priority 200
RouterA (config-if)# end




To remove a port channel from a port you can use the below configuration:


You can also view the below LACP Configuration Lessons for different vendors:

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