PAgP Configuration Example

Ether Channel

Etherchannel Configuration

Layer 3 Etherchannel

Spanning-Tree blocks redundant links and avoid Layer 2 loops. Etherchannels load balance the traffic between the redundadnt links and uses the bandwidth more efficient.

How can we configure etherchannel?

To understand more clear,  here is a basic etherchannel configuration scenario:

Here, two switches connected by four cable  from their gigabit ethernet ports. We will bundle four of the physical link into one logical link.

1. First of all, we must create logical interface with “port-channel” command and assign it an ip address. Before assigning an ip address, it is important to change this port to a Layer 3 port by “no switchport” command.

SW1 (config) # interface port-channel 1
SW1 (config-if) # no switchport
SW1 (config-if) # no shutdown
SW1 (config-if) # ip address
SW1 (config-if) # end

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