EIGRP for IPv6


We can define “EIGRP for IPv6” as the enhancements that is done in EIGRP for IPv6 support. Basically, EIGRP protocol is the same protocol but it has some additional properties at this time.

Differences of EIGRP and EIGRP for IPv6

EIGRP and EIGRP for IPv6 are configured separately. Because they have some different parts even if they are the same protocol ’s different versions.

What are these differences. Let’s chek one by one.

EIGRP for IPv6 Runs on Links Instead Networks

In EIGRP, networks are added to the EIGRP process. But with IPv6 and EIGRP for IPv6, interfaces are added to the EIGRP protcess. In other words there is no “network” command in EIGRP for IPv6. Instead a per-interface based association is done.

Being under the same subnet is not important in EIGRP for IPv6 neighbourship. Even if they are in different subnets, a neighbourship can be established between these nodes.

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