EIGRP Miscellenaous


Other EIGRP Properties

In EIGRP Operation there are some protocol characteristics that helps you better implementation. These characteristics are mentioned below.

Route Summarization

By default EIGRP summarizes the classfull addresses. So generally “no auto-summary” command is used to avoid this situation.

Router (config) # router eigrp 100
Router (config-router) # no auto-summary

Summary routes can also be produced manually. You can use this by “ip summary-address” command.

Router (config) # interface fa0/1
Router (config-if) # ip summary-address eigrp 100

Passive Interface

If you want to prevent one interface or all interfaces to receive EIGRP update and EIGRP hello packets , you can use “passive interface” command. By using this command, no update and hello packets coem to that interface anymore.
For example, with this command, you can prevent fa0/1 to receive update and hello packets like below.

Router (config) # router eigrp 100
Router (config-router) # passive-interface fa0/1

You can also prevent all the interfaces to receive these packets and then you can open the ones you want. Below, firstly we prevent all interfaces and then allow fa0/5 and fa0/6.

Router (config) # router eigrp 100
Router (config-router) # passive-interface default
Router (config-router) # no passive-interface fa0/5
Router (config-router) # no passive-interface fa0/6

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