New Features Coming with SDN


New Features Coming With SDN

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) brings many innovation to the Traditional Networks. It provides this with newly defined architecture. So, what will sdn bring? What are these SDN features? These are:

• New architecture that seperate Control Plane and Data Plane,
• Central maintenance mechanism,
• Network devices responsible for only Forwarding,
• General purpose hardwares,
• Network Operating System,
• New Applications instead of some Protocols,
• New Protocols like Open Flow
• Reduce CAPEX and Opex Costs,
• Increased Reliability and Security,
• Better Troubleshooting,
• Fully Controlled Network.


Let’s check these SDN features one by one.

New Architecture : Separate Control Plane and Data Plane

When we ask what will sdn bring, certainly the first answer will be new SDN architecture. First of all SDN uses a new architecture. This new architecture divides network into two as Control Plane and Data Plane. Control Plane is the controller and has the global view of the whole network. This plane is responsible for the management facilities.

Central Maintenance Mechanism

Secondly, SDN provides a central maintenance mechanism that you can configure, manage and maintenance your network devices in data plane. The communication between this central mechanism and data plane is done over Open Flow interface with Open Flow protocol. This avoids human errors. SDN has a very dynamic and easy to manage mechanism. This is basically centralized management of multi vendor equipment.

This can be overcomed with Automation too. But, Automation of some parts of the network is not SDN. SDN is an end-to-end solution.

Network Devices for Data Plane Only

Additionally, in SDN, network devices only used for data plane. Control plane facilities are done above, at the central controller. So, network devices are used for forwarding activities only.









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